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This has been the craziest journey I have ever been on.I never, in a million years, thought that I would be running my own business. Working in fashion yes, I knew that was in my future. But to be my own boss, to make all the decisions, this is something I thought I would never feel. I have felt the highs of feeling empowered, and the lows when everything seems to be going the opposite direction of forward. Lets start with a little insight to who I am.
Hi I'm Catherine.
I grew up outside of Chicago.I have loved the fashion ever seen I can remember. I not only focused on it in high school, but also in college. I graduated from art school and got my butt out to LA. I thought I would be the next big stylist. But lets be honest. You live from job to job in LA being a stylist. And at that moment in my life I wanted more stability. I decided it was time for me to get back home and rework my fashion life plan. I worked retail while trying to take steps forward in my life. One day when I wasn't looking an opportunity. fell in my lap to work for a small production / fashion consulting firm. While I worked there I learned so much about starting a small business, what it meant to be an entrepreneur, and the real truths about starting a fashion line. I learned from two amazing women, all the hard work and dedication it takes to launch a business. I think that this is where a little seed was planted into my brain about opening a business. 
Fast forward a few years and here I am in Florida. I took a leap of faith not only on myself, but also in my career. A new place, a new job, and well a new future for me. 
Parkside Harbor was born out of a love for fashion, and a love for wanting more out of simple clothes. Something I always struggled with in the fashion industry was pushing the trend boundary but with basics! Parkside Harbor will be the destination for women who love trends but also love their basics. 
I hope you love Parkside Harbor as much as I do. 
Catherine Nicole


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